Himachal’s GGDSD college named as Pandit Sant Ram Govt. Degree College Baijnath

PR News: Goswami Ganesh Dutt Sanatan Dharam Degree College recently taken over by the State Government would be known as Pandit Sant Ram Govt. Degree College Baijnath as a mark of respect to the great leader who dedicated his life for the development of area. The Gram Panchayats would maintain the cattle register of their area to identify the stray animals.

This was revealed by Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister while addressing a public meeting at Sakari in Baijnath segment of district Kangra today after he laid the foundation stone of Rs. 8 crore new bus stand, Govt. Degree College Building to be constructed at a cost of Rs. 9.67 crore and dedicated Bahi-Sakri augmented water supply scheme completed at a cost of Rs. 48.36 lakh, community hall at Mahakal constructed at a cost of Rs. 20 lakh and Bachat Bhawan constructed at a cost of Rs. 40 lakh to the people of the sub Division.

Chief Minister said that every gram panchayat would be required to enumerate the domestic cattle available with the farmers of their area and carry periodic inspection, make entries and deletions in the wake of any sale, death or transaction taking place. He said that identification marks would be tagged to all the animals to ascertain its identity and in case any such animal was left stray would be charged to its owner and would be liable to pay the cost of maintenance. He said that State Government had proposed to construct three more ‘Gau Sadans’ in the State which would house the stray animals and medical facilities would also be made available.

Shri Virbhadra Singh said that district Kangra had emerged the leader in cultivation of quality mango and citrus fruits which were in great demand in the market. He said that the progressive farmers of the area had taken benefit of the farming research outputs and implemented the same in their farms which had yielded encouraging results and strengthened their economy. He said that now the growers were innovative and scientific farmers who were getting sufficient income.

Chief Minister said that State Government had permitted licences to hunt for the wild boar and wild animals damaging the crops of the farmers. He said that the State Government was alive to the problems being caused by wild animals and damaging crops of the farmers. He said that the State Government would be relaxing the condition of hunting such wild animals and permit their hunting to save the valuable crops of the farmers. He said that similar policy was also being adopted to deal with monkey menace. He said that lazer sterilization of the monkeys was also being carried in a scientific manner so that the population was controlled.

Virbhadra Singh said that development was a continuous process which had no end. He said that new demand for development and welfare activities keep on changing with the passage of time. He said that emerging demands of the people make the area develop and progress. He said that his Government had always been welcoming the demands of the people of all areas and formulated policies and programmes accordingly so that after fulfillment of their such demands new requirements could take place. He said that he had frequently been traveling the entire State extensively and gathered feedback from the public about their expectations from his Government. He said that his Government had been putting best of its efforts to rise upto expectations of the people.

Chief Minister said that State was poised to attain new heights in every field. He said that the State would automatically become prosperous when the rural State was prosperous and progressive. He said that the farmers needed to diversify and adopt new techniques of farming which could strengthen their economy besides providing them employment and self employment avenues in the traditional income generating agriculture sector.

Chief Minister said that State Government would consider optimum utilization of the vacant space available with GSSS Sakri for opening of some new technical etc. educational institution in future.

Prof. Chander Kumar, MP said that Shri Virbhadra Singh had opened large number of administrative units and educational institutions in Kangra area. He said that UPA Government had enhanced the pension of non commissioned army officers and relaxed the qualifying condition for pensionary benefits substantially which had benefited over 25 lakh ex-servicemen in the lower ranks and benefits worth over Rs. 500 crore would be delivered to the ex-servicemen of the country.

Sudhir Sharma, local MLA welcomed the Chief Minister and thanked for dedicating one day for Baijnath segment and dedicating schemes worth crores and laying foundation stones of several others. He said that the area had witnessed revolutionary development under the dynamic leadership of Shri Virbhadra Singh. He said that record funds were being received for acceleration of the developmental activities in the State.

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