Himachal CM Stressed Upon Utilization of Technology to deliver best services to people

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Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister emphasized the need for upgradation of capacities, increase in productive potential and utilization of the possibilities inherent in better communication and technology to deliver best services to the people. He was addressing the officers in the Conference of Deputy Commissioners and Superintendents of Police here today.
Chief Minister said that it was prime duty of the Deputy Commissioners and Superintendents of Police to listen to public grievances, find remedial solution to their problems and implement every programme of the State and Centre Government in right perspective besides delivering benefits of Social Welfare Schemes to the targeted groups and function as vigilant eyes and ears of the Government. He said that the District Authorities were required to recommend various public welfare-oriented schemes to the Government, which could benefit maximum number of persons. He said that minor cases of partition, mutation, demarcation, minor law and order problems, allotments of two Biswas of land to homeless for house building were some which related to majority of rural people and required to be addressed on top-priority and monthly report should be submitted to the Government regularly.

Virbhadra Singh said that the acclaim achieved by the State in the sectors like Education, Health, Consumer Market required to be improved further besides upholding the acquired status in the country. He said that a responsive Government generates demand and a constant pressure to deliver even better must be continued where D.Cs and SPs had to play crucial role since they reflect the Government functioning. He said that the identification process of the houseless families should be carried out expeditiously and families with low income, BPL and IRDP should be selected for housing scheme impartially.

Chief Minister said that the District Committies constituted under D.Cs needed effective co-ordination by successful implementation of the various programmes must have regular meetings to review progress, monitor and sustained for better results. He said that developmental projects needed frequent inspection and quality control besides ensuring time-bound completion of the same. He said that socio economic justice needed to be delivered to all and added that community policing and the investigation skills of the forces required constant upgradation where modern communication technology could contribute significantly.

Virbhadra Singh said that with the merger of Vigilance and Enforcement department, the new Enforcement and Vigilance Bureau, the investigation process has been geared up. He said that no innocent person should be bothered unnecessarily while the corrupt how-so- high his social, official and political status might be must not go scot-free and substantial documents should be procured against such people which could withstand the legal scrutiny and dealt with as per the law of land. He reiterated the resolve of his Government to eradicate corruption from the State and provide people responsive, transparent, efficient and best administration. He directed the Heads of Departments to make departmental Vigilance Officers more active and assign them duties of investigating minor departmental cases and submit monthly report to the Government. He said that there should not be any let up in law and order and every anti- social case required to be handled with firmness , so that law and order could prevail.

Chief Minister said that late Dr. Y.S. Parmar laid the sound foundation of good administration which helped the State to move forward in right direction. He said that Smt. Sonia Gandhi , Chairperson, UPA in Shimla Vichar Manthan had emphasized the people oriented governance and every Congress ruled State was advised to deliver results besides good governance with maintenance of law and order and social harmony and an agenda of pro-active intervention in favour of under privileged. He said that poor had been the focal point of policies and programmes of successive Congress Governments. Virbhadra Singh said that special programme needed to be adopted to clean and maintain the traditional water bodies which would be source for feeding Water Supply Schemes. He said that irrigation schemes required to include the cost of channels upto the farms included in the original DPRs. He emphasized the need for constructions of employees housing colonies at all administrative levels as a regular programme so that the employees could be provided better living conditions, which would also reflect improvement in their functioning.

Chief Minister said that Relief and Rehabilitation Policy needed to be implemented effectively and best package delivered to the affected parties who had contributed towards construction of the projects. He said that such families required to be given top preference in terms of employment and added that State had agriculture as its primary avocation which required to be upgraded , diversified and use of modern tools with quality seed supply should be ensured so
that farming could emerge as a major rural economy generating avocation. He stressed upon regular awareness camps to update farmers of modern farming practices. He said that benefits of National Rural Health Mission required to be availed to the optimum for making the society healthy.

Chief Minister said that the Town and Country Planning officials should accord top priority to dispose of the permission cases of the area which had been brought under the Municipal Corporation jurisdiction of Shimla with the merger of Special Area Development Authority so that all clearances were issued as required under the provisions of Towan & Country Planning Act.

Chief Minister said that National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme under implementation in Sirmaur and Chamba District needed to be executed in right earnest so that every eligible person was benefited. He said that efforts were afoot to bring Shimla, Mandi and Kangra Districts under the scheme while entire State was likely to be covered and benefited in a phased manner. He said that similarly Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana was also under implementation in the most backward districts of Sirmaur and Chamba.

Virbhadra Singh underlined the need for upgradation of State Forensic Laboratory at Junga where all types of modern testing facilities were required to be made to speed up investigation cases. He directed authorities to fill up functional posts in Police Department. He said that it was for the first time that every educational and health institution had been made functional and were catering to the needs of the people. He directed the DCs and SPs to raid the clinics which were undertaking sex determination tests illegally and deal with them firmly.

Virbhadra Singh said that cases under Atrocities Act provision needed to be given attention to deliver justice to aggrieved parties , especially the downtrodden and Scheduled Castes and Minorities.

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