National Seminar on Strategy for Sustainable Development of H.P.


Shri V.S. Kokje, Governor stressed upon the need for proper planning for sustainable development in Bio Tech, Information Technology, Industry and Tourism sectors in the state.

He was speaking in the Valedictory Session of National Seminar on “Strategy For Sustainable Development of Himachal Pradesh With Special Focus On Industry, Tourism, Bio-Tech and I.T.” organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry, Himachal State Council and Institute of Management Studies, H.P. University Shimla here today.

Shri Kokje said that job oriented education should be imparted in universities and educational institutions so that unemployment could be reduced. He said that in order to increase the effectiveness of such initiatives, the institutional mechanism of the universities should become pro active and interact with private sector to update the curriculum and even the teaching methods to meet their requirements of human resource from the State.

Shri Kokje also said that the educational institutions and various industrial associations should contribute towards the emergence of a competitive workforce and added that such Seminars should be a continuous effort as they go a long way in bringing together a galaxy of intellectuals who can work for the solution driven recommendations for overall development of the State besides meeting the targets set for economic growth.

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  1. says: Narender Nadda

    To : Intellectual people of Himachal Pradesh

    Are we going to creat history of speeches ? . Does it suits to our present needs ?. Are we qualified for the purpose of delivering impressive speeches ?

    All in question are the intellectual people of the state , diplomats , leaders , planners and citizens . Its very surprising that rulers of the state spell that ,,, we should do this ,,, that etc . but why not these gentleman give directives for moderanisation like computer education instead of so controversial History at certain standard. Govt employees want allowances on introduction of computer without even learning .

    Our leaders assemble in one place to listen about that we should do this and that … but who will do… the rulers of the state or people of the state.

    Take an example of industrial growth in Uttranchal inspite of the fact that same exemptions were granted to well . We feel it in Delhi when we see the drive of Uttranchal Govt highlight it in Delhi to woo various Industrialist but our Govt . in H.P is busy in blaming each other instead of looking for MAJOR instrial players to set up their units.

    On the front of IT industry we fail miserably inspite of good environmental conditions like Silicon valley

    Whenwill we really start growing.

    GOD knows !

  2. says: Rakesh Kumar Sharma

    Mr Nadda has rightly pointed towards the routine normative speeches of the people who are at the helm of affairs.

    People like Chandrababu Naidu may fail in politics, but will be always appreciated and remembered for their visionay and action oriented approach.

    Powerful present may avoid the direct criticism but the future definitely evaluates the contribution of people at high positions without any bias and fear, when the history is written and analyzed.

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