Lantana Camara, a Green Fire on planet


Lantana Camara is listed amongst the worst weeds in the world. Lantana camara of family Verbinaceae has become a serious problem for tropical countries, where it has invaded millions of hectares of land. Lantana was introduced in India in 1809 (Culcutta Botanical Garden), as an ornamental plant due to its beautiful aromatic flowers. Prolific seed production and easy dispersal helped it in escaping cultivation and becoming a pest, with serious dimensions. Presently, it has spread all over the country. It gives flowers almost throughout the year. This weed is posing serious problems in plantation forestry. Chokes all other vegetation and become the dominant species.

In India about 7-8 species of Lantana are found. Some important species of Lantana in India are Lantana Camara, Lantana Indica, Lantana trifolia, Lantana Canulata etc. Lantana is a serious problem in India in various locations. Complete eradication of Lantana form every area is very -very difficult task. Villager’s farmers, planners and Administrators are facing this serious problem every day. Attempts to control Lantana failed. In various countries different insects were applied on lantana but they affect of the growth in insignificant level. Control of Lantana by the use of chemical has given good results but due to poison great care is required. All measures are useless because a very large area is involved. Manual eradication, Biological control and Chemical methods are few for lantana.


The Various measures to control this weed have almost failed or are not cost effective therefore none of them have become popular. An attempt has been made to create use as it can be used for medicinal purposes as well as market commercially. According to Indian researchers Lantana could be put to use for controlling weeds in rice fields. The Social Institute of Deliberate Human Immanence (SIDHI) including many other organizations which has been studying this weed has started to make use of Lantana as cheap furniture, Utility articles, Mosquito repellent & a medicine, for various cures particularly for skin related diseases. According to sources the oil extracted from Lantana fetches a very high price. The oil can be extracted by steam distillation. In USA it is used as an anti-septic in baths and for various skin diseases. An attempt to use this weed in more effective way in our daily life may stop the Green Fire.

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  1. says: rashmi kaleka

    Dear Sanjeev, I read your engaging article on Lantana Camara. I am an artist living in Delhi, and have started a project on invasive weed in India, I wanted to photgraph areas where Lantana grows, or for that matter any other very invasive weeds, that cover large areas in India.

    Your help would be appreciated.


  2. says: bumba

    Iam doing research on Lantana camara and i have found your article very interesting. Your writing is of great help for me

  3. says: Natarajan

    There are a lot of lantana around our locality. Could you please tell how to make different articles with it? How to work with lantana?

  4. says: kavita ghosal

    hi, i’m doing project work on lantana camara & it pollen allergy.
    can you tell me the pollen bursting time of lantana? is it noon/ moring / evening?
    your reply wil be very helpfull & worthy to proceed my work as i’m seeking the highest conc. of pollen in air but failing to note the exact time.

  5. says: Devendra Kumar

    hello friend…

    here u mentioned four main lantana sps which generally grown in several part of India that is very good information for me,,,

    actually I m working on same plant species so can suggest me what is the basic difference between these plants..

    with regards
    Devendra Kumar

  6. says: Dr.GurpalSingh Jarial(Himachali)

    We are using Lantana for the production of Charcoal Briquettes on a very high scale in M.P. This is not only contributing to the Eradication of this Nasty weed but is generating LIVELIHOOD for numerous Rural and Tribal people.—Dr. Jarial.

    1. says: lily bhavna

      Dear Dr Gurpal Singh Jarial,
      I am writing from western australia,

      kindly let me know how I can contact you as I will be visiting Bhopal shortly and would love to find out more about lantana charcoal briquettes.


      lily bhavna

    2. says: Ramnivas Jat

      Respected sir,
      kya lantana ka charcoal har koi bana sakta hai kya ? & kya ye costing me sasta hota hai

  7. says: Dr.GurpalSingh Jarial(Himachali)

    Please see our presentation related to The Production of Charcoal Briquettes from Lantana Camara on http/–Dr.Gurpal Singh Jarial.

  8. says: Theoneste

    Thank you for talking about Lantana Camara.
    I am doing my thesis on this invasive species about it antibacterial and antifungal activities.
    If there is any support, you may help me inoder to help peuples

    Thanks a lot.

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