23 shops and five residential houses gutted in a devastating fire at Mandi


Chief Minister, visited the site of fire accident at Chohatta Bazar, Mandi, today, sympathized with the fire victims and announced a grant of Rs. 10 lakhs from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund over and above the relief being provided as per the Relief Manual to the fire victims besides ensuring all possible help from the Government for the rehabilitation of the affected families. He visited the fire site alongwith Smt. Pratibha Singh, MP, Lok Sabha from Mandi Parliamentary Constiuency and senior officers of the State Government.

Chief Minister expressed deep sympathies with the affected families and advised them to take benefit of the insurance schemes for the old buildings and the stocks stored by them so that they were safe financially. He said that the fire loss had been estimated at about Rs. 2.5 crore while actual loss was being assessed. He also advised them to keep fire preventive devices in their commercial establishments so that in case of any fire accidents the same could be helpful in taking preventive measures.

Shri Virbhadra Singh said that his government would also consider updating the city fire station and provide them modern fire fighting equipments and fire tenders to meet any exigency. He said that the fire tenders were required to be located at appropriate sites which were accessible from all sides. He said that the towns needed to keep their by-lanes open to accommodate the smooth plying of the ambulances and fire tenders so that in case of any emergency the loss could be minimized. He said that the Municipal Corporations and Municipal Committees were required to ensure that their towns had the wider roads and lanes which could facilitate smooth plying of the emergency vehicles like fire tenders and ambulances. He said that every house should be assessable to the fire tenders and ambulances to ensure their safety from any accident.

Chief Minister said that the ancient Bhoot Nath temple would be renovated and restored as per the original structure by removing all superficial additions and alterations made in the temple. He said that separate passage would be provided for the Sarai bhawan and proper worshipful sanctity maintained of the temple premises. He directed the authorities to take effective steps in this direction on priority.

Shri Virbhadra Singh said that the Mandi happened to be the ancient town and its religious and heritage sanctity required to be maintained for which the State Government would be extending all possible help.

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