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Vince Poscente, former Olympian and Canadian speed skating record holder recently visited Great Himalayan National Park, in Himachal. Below are few excerpts from his article about the experience:

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A meadow looks different at 14,000 feet. The air feels more relaxed as a breeze takes it by. The colors are more vibrant in 360 degree, raw, natural beauty. It’s then that Mother Nature leans over and whispers, think peace.

Climbing and trekking have an unusually high this-is-so-not-glamorous element to it. Getting there is physically exhausting. Being there seems so fleeting. And getting back has one pervading thought. What will it be like, reentering our familiar world along with some of its unpleasant problems?

As you learned from last week’s Quick Wit, summiting Chakri Peak was accomplished on September 11th 2006. As this auspicious day approached, we were on a quest for more than just an unclimbed mountain. We climbed, in one way or another, for “shanti,” the Hindu word for peace.

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An accomplished Olympian and performance strategist, Vince Poscente is an internationally known keynote speaker and author of The Ant and the Elephant and Invinceable Principles. He is also the founder of Be Invinceable Group – a Dallas-based company specializing in services and products to transform personal and workplace performance. For more information, go to

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