Chief Minister Shri Virbhadra Singh would be Patron-in-Chief of My Himachal Group, a Non Governmental Social Welfare Organization registered as charity organization in the United States of America and set up mainly by overseas Himachalis to project separate identity of hill people world-wide and market the Himachal brand name in Industries, Tourism and Service Sector in multi-national Corporate Houses.


Mr. Bhugol Chandel, President, My Himachal Group called on the Chief Minister Shri Virbhadra Singh at New Delhi today and requested him to lead the organization as Patron-in-Chief and Chief Minister accepted his invitation. President, My Himachal Group also invited Chief Minister to address the annual conference of the organization to be held this year in America. Chief Minister accepted his invitation.

Shri Chandel told the Chief Minister about the historical need to set up separate organization of Himachalis world-wide so as to project the rich cultural heritage of the region and act as ambassadors of goodwill and peace of the region throughout the world. He said that the Himachal Pradesh was known world-wide for its scenic and natural beauty, peace loving citizens, clean natural environment and honesty and dedication of its people and this organization was set up to build a separate identity of Himachal
Pradesh so that the goodwill created could be encashed and marketed for further growth and development of the region.

Shri Chandel appreciated the stepsbeing taken by present Government under the leadership of Shri Virbhadra Singh and congratulated him for taking bold initiative in harnessing the natural resources for development works and starting various new welfare and developmental schemes for the common man of the region.

Shri Virbhadra Singh congratulated the overseas Himachalis for setting up a separate global organization and hoped that it would help in attracting foreign investment in the State. He advised the organization to project Himachal Pradesh as best tourist destination and educate and motivate the foreigners about the
tourist potential of the State.

He also advised non-resident Himachalis to work as goodwill Ambassadors of the State and organize the fairs and festivals to preserve and protect the rich culture heritage of the State. He also advised them to encourage their children to adopt the rich traditions of the motherland and organize frequent get together and meetings of fellow Himachalis and maintain the live connection with grass-root level people in native villages.

Shri Virbhadra Singh also appreciated them for showing concern for the development of the State. He offered all possible assistance to the organization at ground level working and said that Government would encourage such organizations and seek their expertise and experience for over all growth of the State.

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  1. says: Anand M

    Great work! It’s very nice to know that you are helping so many others back home. Please continue to do the good work. Way to go!

  2. says: Mehul

    The work that you guys are doing is awesome! If every state had committed people like you working for their interest then our country would move forward in leaps and bounds. Congratulations to the My Himachal team!

  3. says: Anshul Katoch

    Awesome! Congratulations Himachal team for all the hard work you have put to make this happen.

  4. says: Des R Kashyap

    That’s really a great achievement. That’s what was needed to put MyHimachal towards new heights. I must congratulate the President, MyHimachal for this wonderful move.

  5. says: Avnish Katoch

    In various media reports, My Himachal is projected as US NRI Himachalis group. Whereas we are not just US Himachali organization at all!
    We are an organization of people who all are in love with this beautiful land and share our enthusiasm to do something. We all come from different religions, countries, backgrounds and races.
    Idea of this group is to build something larger and bigger which can make impact on Himachal, its environment and in Himachalis lives.
    So to call My Himachal just a US based group would be understatement.

    The root mission of this organization is to work in Himachal only.

  6. says: Avnish Katoch

    Thank you friends for nice comments, with your appreciative and encouraging words we hope to steer ahead towards our goals. To us these nice words are the strength to do more.

    As you might say, nice comments are our real and only remuneration for all this work.

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