Health Mela at Jibhi-Kullu

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Friends:The Health Mela today at Jibhi Clinic went very well! A real success and great flavor of a mela with music, Kala Jatha, great team from LWH, Drs. Kaaren & Jeph Mathias, Close the Gap, Padam Singh, Sara, Bhimla,and many others whose names I’ve omitted. Having the AIDS NGO from Banjar also a big plus, along w/ the food and solar cooking demos, games for kids, etc. I think we vaccinated 88 children!

I’ve documented some of the activities w. video and stills and at some point will make it available.

May this wonderful beginning continue for the rest of our work together this year in the rurual villages to bring health care to those who most need it.

Many thanks…
for My Himachal

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  1. Dear Payson,
    Congratulations!! Great news. Hopefully, the Health Mela will be a begining
    towards Good Nutrition for the Kids in the area. Awareness about the Good
    Nutrition appears to be the need of the hour in these villages.

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