The Chalets Naldehra

1 (27).jpg1 (6).jpgSummer time is high time to visit Himachal. Please visit TOURISM category on our blog to know about various hotels and places in Himachal to visit.

A new resort in Naldhera The Chalets Naldehra” is international standards resort with beautiful views of hills and wonderful Spa and indoor pool.

The Chalets Naldehra is the first property built in India with the internationally1 (20).jpg1 (32).jpg recognised expertise that has come to be associated with Scandinavian log homes. The chalets have been built with technology imported from Finland and from wood also imported from there. These fir logs have been specially treated in a high-tech plant and been given a finish that is both enduring and warm and welcoming.

This combination of the best of what the world has to offer in lodges for the mountains, and an absolutely magnificent setting in the Himalaya – arguably the greatest mountain range on earth – makes The Chalets Naldehra as one of the world’s true mountain retreats.

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