Himachal River snaps on Flickr-Sutlej


Himachal Rivers offer not only just the water but they are nature’s best gift to Himachal. Hydro power is generated heavily on almost all major rivers in HP. Some of the best white water river rafting happens in these rivers and that too starting from level I till VI.

Not to mention some of the major cities are setup on the banks of these beautiful rivers. And then of course rivers feed us and provide much needed water to the plains of India.

Rivers are for tourism and for adventure. Some of the best snaps are available on FLICKR from various rivers and I am going to dig them and link here.

See first hand how beautiful Himachal is from rivers point and view and come explore on your own.

All Sutlej River snaps on Flickr


Purusha Shakti’s Snaps

This may be across the Sutlej from the road leading down from Recong Peo. It is a village on a cliff that catches the eye again and again on the zig-zag descent from higher moutains in Kinnaur.

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