Sanjeeva Pandey and Payson R. Stevens

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The first comprehensive guide and history written about India’s newest national park, the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP).

Covering over 750 km2, GHNP is the only protected region of the Western Himalayas and is the home to distinct and endangered species including the spectacular, multi-colored pheasant, the Western Tragopan.

The guide section of the book includes detailed maps and descriptions of the major trekking trails in the Park as well as description of flora and fauna.

The second section of the book describes the complex social, economic, cultural and environmental issues in creating GHNP and the unique model being developed to combine environmental conservation with sustainable livelihoods for villagers who have been excluded from using the protected resources of the Park.

The third section provides short interviews with the many players who were part of this process including local villagers, members of SAHARA (an NGO dedicated to helping impoverished villagers), Park officials, visitors, and many others.

Sanjeeva Pandey, is a conservator in the Indian Forest Service and has been director of GHNP since 1999. He has had extensive experience in working with the complex issues in managing the Park and has helped developed a combined conservation and sustainable livelihood model that is highly regarded in India. Pandey has written the first comprehensive management plan for the Park (2004). He has trekked over 2,000 km in in GHNP and has given lectures on the Park in the United States, Peru, and France. He has published numerous scientific papers on biodiversity conservation in national and international journals.
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Payson R. Stevens, is a trained earth scientist and founder of InterNetwork, Inc and InterNetwork Media, Inc. ( His companies worked with NASA, the US Geological Survey, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for over two decades supporting their efforts in developing Earth System Science and understanding Global Change. He was the co-author of the highly acclaimed book, Embracing Earth: New Views of Our Changing Planet (Chronicle Books, 1992). Stevens has been an advisor to GHNP and SAHARA (a Kullu Valley NGO) since 2000 and has trekked over 900 km with Sanjeeva Pandey in the Park.

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