Death of an Artiste

From the Beat of India team:

We just got the shocking news that one of the young artistes we had recorded with; Tandup Chhering,index.jpg from Kibber Village in the Spiti area of Himachal Pradesh, died recently. His wife Yanchen Dolma is facing a very difficult time, her son also met with an accident and lost a part of his hand. So two tragedies in a short space of time.To try to help them, Beat of India is setting up a fund. Please purchase their CD as a DONATION. We will send you their music on a special CD and send the entire amount to Yanchen Dolma to help her tide over this difficult period. Hoping for a good response for Tandup Chhering from you.

Kibber is one of the highest inhabited villages of Asia, standing at a height of more than 14,500 ft. In the village one sees a lot of colourful flags as most people who live here follow the Buddhist religion. Like most professional musicians of the villages of the region, this husband and wife team used to performs at all the village functions and marriages. The villagers support them by giving them a piece of land to cultivate.

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