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myHimachal group (MHG) is a volunteer group and non governmental, non religious and of course non political. Neither MHG gets aid/help from bigger institutions nor MHG asks for it. As MHG is voluntary/self help group so all work is done on volunteer basis, MHG requests each and every member to come forward and donate financially as well as with time.

Please keep in mind your donation of time/work is as valuable as financially.

Top most goal of MHG is to become a watchdog in Himachal and to do so we have a daunting task to prove our credibility.

That’s why MHG has started few projects for which your kind help is required. At MHG we need help in putting the things in place, we need help in supporting the teams working on the tasks and also we need to help with guidance to smaller cottage industries and NGOs. We are here for each other, just to give you example, when we say to help cottage industries: Most of us are outside of India and those who are in India all work in world markets, some one is dealing with worldwide customers, other is leading team of professionals whether in marketing, production or research.

All your ideas, your guidance are what are required back in HP to these smaller industries, some one need assistance to sell their HP grown products in India, some want latest techniques in their fields and some just want moral support. And believe me this would be your biggest help.

As all of you know HP is not a place where lot of industry can be started, so that HP govt. goes back to Reliance or bigger houses and offer them major tax breaks and they would come and start bigger plants which would generate multifold employments. This is not in our case. Our areas are remote and we need to develop something, which can generate employment as well as protect our environments.

At MHG we all are strictly aware that unemployment is major reason for any trouble we have and we might face in future in HP, so our complete energy is focused in working for that aspect. MHG has some of the best experts and teams who are working on PICO Hydels (electricity from Gharats), so time as well as finance both are required to realize this dream.

However more and more smaller hydro plants are also coming in HP, and if they come up with the speed they are coming, there wont be any water left in lower belts of HP, I am sure most of us who are from the lower banks of Sutlej and Beas areas, are aware of this. Dams did help us but at the same time they totally destroyed the lower regions ecologically and now we don’t have water for irrigation nor for drinking. What I am saying here is that a balanced approach towards building dams is required.

So there is lot to be done so that we can keep a balance in opening hydro units in every nook and corner.

And for this very purpose we want to install PICO Hydels, so that we keep right balance ecologically as well as generate employment.

So that our younger generation is well connected to all the new positive changes as well as development the rest of the world is moving with, MHG wants to install Computers in school so that kids on one hand can learn and on other can become more interested in learning more and more in their life rather than going towards drugs etc. So as to engage today’s youth, its required that we provide them with newer technology/innovations so that their interest towards bad things can be diverted towards positives sides. This is why MHG wants to award scholarships.

For this very reason we have our blog, where we bring positive news about HP so that all contribute and get a platform to show their positive energies So please contribute to discussions as well as to blog, and please become our paid members so that we can carry forward the agenda we have. Your ideas and guidance is what people in HP need, this is why we have forums on so that whoever is there to offer advice/help, can come and put the ideas. So please all of you take lead and pick tasks and work towards realizing the dreams, which we all take. This is a collective effort and collective energy can do miracles.

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