India Trip

DSC01126 _Large_.JPGI am back into US after a wonderful trip to Bharat. I was in Bharat (India) for 25 days and all the time I was in Thural (Palampur) only.

Please check the pictures that I uploaded to and let me know what is your take on these pictures.

I do volunteer for and I have adopted couple of Ekal school in our areas. One can adopt a Ekal school by donating One dollar a day i.e. $30 per month. I wanted to see how these school work and there are 90 Ekal schools in Palampur and 421 schools in Himachal. Therefore, I visited one Ekal school in Dahan village(Maranda). I met the members of Ekal team and kids. After meeting these kids I have come to conclusion that Ekal schools are one the best things happening to our kids. If anyone of you want to adopt any school or want to visit any schools in your area, do visit

Swadesh Katoch

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