Himalayan Ski Village

Himalayan Ski Village will offer a major tourism destination that showcases the incredible Indian Himalayan experience. The beauty and mystic of these mountains are unequaled in the world and the state of Himachal Pradesh is blessed with one of the most peaceful and safe social climates in South Asia. By providing a fully designed mountain resort village, of international standards, Himalayan Ski Village opens these heavenly mountains to the skiing and

winter sports enthusiasts for the first time. Not only summer and winter sports facilities, but world class hotels, villas, restaurants and shops will satisfy the needs of the guests, at every level.

The village area will cover 200 acres, along with ski slopes and lifts systems covering more than 5,000 acres. The slopes will reach as high as 13,500 and descend to the Ski Village at 8,500 above sea level.

The slopes in this area have been popular with the helisking crowd for a decade and was listed as one of the top 20 best ski areas in the world by British Airways High Life magazine. Beside ski facilities, all manner of winter sports and summer adventure will be offered, including cross country trails, ice skating, sledding, yak sleigh rides, entertainment and cultural programs.

Although visitors will be substantially drawn from the upper and middle economic class of the cities in northern India, international visitors from Europe, Japan, and the rest of Southeast Asia will also be a significant factor. The flavor of the Himalayan Ski Village will be clearly Himalayan architecture, while having the infrastructures and luxuries expected by this affluent clientel. Several international hotel chains will be offering star facilities, while quality guesthouses offering more affordable pricing, will also be available, in order to satisfy all market tiers. Villas will be offered for both fractional and full ownership, as well.

Development will commence in summer of 2005 and the first guest will be welcomed in the winter of 2008-9.


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