A District Magistrate Speaks Up

Noronha, taking courage in both hands, warned the Prime Minister that as the District Magistrate he was the final authority, and that if Nehru took one step towards the mob he would be arrested immediately. Nehru backed off, the meeting took place in the Circuit House, and peace was restored to the town.

Holy Cows and Loose Cannons

Supreme Court: In the days to come its orders will be questioned more and more on the streets rather than in the courts – the defiance of, and the furore over, its Padmavat judgement (even by state governments) is just a trailer……

The Real Swadeshi Indian

To my horror, Baba Ramdev (who was without any managerial aides) was far better informed about availability, prices of Himalayan medicinal plants than the Himachal Pradesh forest department at this business meeting.


Marketing managers have just had their jobs made easier by our self righteous Ministry of (Mis)Information: it has decreed that henceforth there shall be…