Best Out Of the Waste concept to save the Earth

Kullu: We all know that polythene has become a threat to our environment nowadays. Many organizations and NGOs are making efforts to deal with the situation to protect Mother Nature from such devastating effects of using polythene and plastics. KarghaArt, a Lucknow-based group is making continuous efforts through the creative use of packaging polythene bags to save Mother Nature.

This organization has installed a stall during the spring festival at Dhalpur Kullu. This festival was celebrated between 28- 30th of April. But the temporary market of the festival is still there. Throwing the light on the topic stall owner Mosin said that they are preparing products out of waste polythene of packaging packets like chips, grains carry bags, etc. The main motive of the organization is to reuse, recycle, and reduce polythene waste.

He said that converting plastic waste into beautiful articles like purses, and bags takes much time effort, and hard work, as first of all polythene is converted into threads then using handlooms above usable items are made. This entire process is time-consuming and demands a lot of hard work but the final results are amazing.
He said that products made by them have been liked wherever they go initially it was a tough task to persuade people about the purpose of the organization.
“Last year during the Gandhi handicraft fair first time our organization had installed its stall at Kullu and decided to come this year again after getting a good response from the public here,” He further adds.

Local Customers Dipika Sharma, and Nishant Sharma expressed their happiness over the artistic and beautiful use of waste polythene. They said, “We can’t even imagine that the waste polythene can be converted into such lovely items like purses, handbags, bags, small kits. It’s all about creativity and the desire to do something good for society. No doubt that such a wonderful use and creative use of waste plastic is awesome but these handicraft items also convey the message to come forward to save Mother Earth and do our bits in this direction.

Indu Navneet Bhardwaj a renowned poetess of the area says, “It is such a pleasant experience to witness a stall of goods made of waste polythene. Best Out Of the Waste is an amazing concept based on the 3Rs (i.e.reduce, reuse, and recycle). I think It’s not only a way of earning bread and butter for many people but a valuable and insightful effort to save the environment.”

“I’m short of words for such a concrete step to protect the environment. To express gratitude one must visit the stall and purchase some of the eco-friendly goods as a small gesture of care for Mother Nature. As it is said “Small but continuous steps can even conquer the impossible,” She further adds.


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