Senior BJP Leader Shanta Kumar Seeks Himachal’s Rights Over 110 MW Shanan Project

Former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh and ex-Union Minister, Shanta Kumar, has vocally reiterated the need for the Shanan power project in Joginder Nagar to be rightfully returned to Himachal Pradesh. This demand comes in light of the lease from 1925 nearing its expiration, marking a significant moment for the state to reclaim its asset. The project was constructed before Independence by the British under a 99-year-lease with Raja Joginder Sen the ruler of the then Mandi state. The lease of the project will expire in March.

In a press release Shanta Kumar highlighted the historical oversight during the 1966 reorganization of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana. Despite the Reorganization Act stipulating the equitable distribution of resources, Himachal Pradesh has yet to receive its fair share of assets from Chandigarh and various power projects. He pointed out that the act clearly intended for Punjab’s properties to be redistributed to the newly formed state, yet the Shanan power project remains an exception.

Reflecting on the past, Shanta Kumar recalled his efforts to address this issue with then Prime Minister Morarji Desai in 1977, emphasizing the state’s deprivation of its rightful claims. Despite raising the matter at a high level and garnering support from prominent national leaders during protests in Delhi, the injustice has persisted for over five decades.

Shanta Kumar dismissed the historical justification used to deny Himachal Pradesh the Shanan project, which was based on a lease agreement with Punjab. With this lease set to expire, he urges political leaders across Himachal Pradesh to unite beyond party lines and advocate for the state’s rights.

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