Two Prime Suspects In Rs 18 Crore Crypto Fraud Case In Himachal Arrested

Shimla: Two prime accused in the cryptocurrency fraud of approximate Rs 18 crore have been arrested by the Special Investigating Team of Himachal Pradesh Police, officials investigating the scam said on Tuesday.

The SIT headed by Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Abhishek Dullar comprising 13 members was constituted on September 26 to investigate cases related to cryptocurrency.

The SIT has been directed to look into the bigger conspiracy. During the course of the investigation of a case registered in the police station of Palampur in Kangra district, it has been found that Subhash Sharma, Sukhdev Thakur, Hemraj Thakur and others, all residents of the state, are the prime suspects.

The crime includes the promotion of a fake cryptocurrency called ‘Korvio Coin’ with a promise of high returns and exaggerated claims to lure investors, a statement by the police said.

The suspects are accused of manipulating the crypto currency’s prices to their advantage, leading to losses for the investors.

They also switched to new cryptocurrencies like ‘DGT Coin’ and ‘BTPP Token’, changing terms and values to the detriment of investors.

Furthermore, the complainants claim the accused resorted to threats and intimidation when investors sought refunds or expressed dissatisfaction.

They are also alleged to have deleted online records and websites related to cryptocurrencies to potentially erase the evidence.

The legal allegations against the accused include cheating, fraud, criminal conspiracy, and money laundering.

The impact of this scheme is substantial with complainants collectively reporting losses exceeding Rs 18 crore, said the statement.

With more people or investors coming forward, the losses suffered are likely to increase. The fraud scheme started in 2018-19 and continued for around three years.

It said 10 cases have been taken up by the SIT. Over 50 complaints are under inquiry. The amount involved is huge.

Director General of Police Sanjay Kundu said, “We are closing in on the kingpins of cryptocurrency scams in Himachal Pradesh. We are making all efforts to arrest the accused. We have mapped their assets and are conducting a financial investigation into their assets.”

He asked the victims to come forward to report their cases to the SIT constituted for the purpose.

Courtesy: “IANS”

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