Kullvi Whims Shines at G20 Delhi Summit

Kullu: The prestigious G20 Delhi Summit has arrived in the heart of Delhi, and Kullvi Whims is beaming with pride as a chosen exhibitor. This remarkable opportunity has been made possible through the gracious invitation from the Government of Himachal Pradesh and the Handicrafts & Handloom Corporation, @himcrafts_hphhcl, to present the rich tapestry of craft and culture from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh to delegates from around the globe at the @g20org Delhi summit.
Emphasizing the value of traditional textile craft, One of the Co-founders of Kullvi Whims Brighu Acharya talks to HillPost, “Kullvi Whims is elated to have received recognition for their tireless efforts in revitalizing the traditional textile craft of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. The success of our previous exhibition at Dharamshala’s G20 event resonates as a testament to the quality and cultural significance of their products. which were warmly embraced by delegates who wholeheartedly supported the preservation of this heritage by happily purchasing these tokens of our culture.
 “Our collection of desi oon (local wool) handspun, woven, and knit textiles not only showcases heritage weaves but also incorporates contemporary designs. This comprehensive display paints a vivid picture of the wool value chain and the craftmanship of Himachal Pradesh”, he further added.
All Co-founders Brighu Acharya and Nisha Subramanian of Kullvi Whims are overflowing with pride and happiness as they witness their products taking center stage at the G20 Delhi Summit. The artisans from Naggar, district Kullu who contribute to the Kullvi Whims collective are equally thrilled and proud to have their work featured on such a prominent international platform.
“We are proud to represent our state, Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, and our country on this esteemed international stage,” express the co-founders of Kullvi Whims.
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