Himachali craftsmanship enthralls the delegates at G20 summit Delhi

Himachal Pradesh’s rich cultural heritage and natural splendor take the spotlight at the G20 Delhi Summit, courtesy of Kullvi Whims, a distinguished exhibitor at the event. This proud moment is made possible through a gracious invitation and a collaborative effort with the Himachal government and Himachal Pradesh Handicraft & Handloom Corporation Limited, with design consultancy by Akshita Sharma.
“Kullvi Whims is thrilled to present its collection of “desi oon” handspun, woven, and knit textiles, which seamlessly blend heritage weaves with contemporary designs. This comprehensive display not only showcases the wool value chain but also highlights the exceptional craftsmanship of Himachal Pradesh,” says Akshita Sharma.
Co-founders Brighu Acharya and Nisha Subramanian of Kullvi Whims are brimming with pride and joy as their products take center stage at the G20 Delhi Summit. They say, “Equally delighted and honored are the artisans from Naggar, whose contributions to the Kullvi Whims collective are featured prominently on this esteemed international platform. All the delegates are buying our products and appreciating handmade products in G20 Delhi.”
“We are proud to represent our state, Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, and our country on this esteemed international stage,” They further added.
This moment is a source of immense pride for Himachal Pradesh, as Kullvi Whims showcases the natural splendor and exceptional craftsmanship that define the heart of the region on the global stage.
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