‘PM Modi Started New Chapter Of Development In Railways’: Himachal Guv

Amb (Himachal Pradesh): Himachal Pradesh Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla on Sunday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started a new chapter of development in railways, while he thanked him for including the state’s Amb-Andaura railway station for the redevelopment of 508 railway stations in the country.

He said Rs 20.74 crore would be spent on the renovation of this station.

Earlier, the Prime Minister had gifted the Vande Bharat train to the state.

The Governor also thanked the Prime Minister for providing Rs 1,838 crore for railway expansion in Himachal Pradesh in the Budget for 2023-24, including Rs 1,000 crore for the Bhanupali-Bilaspur-Beri rail line that is of strategic importance and Rs 450 crore for the Chandigarh-Baddi rail line.

“With the strengthening of the rail network in the state, religious tourism would also get a boost. Devotees coming from other states will have easy access to Shakti Peeths and other tourist places in Himachal Pradesh,” said Shukla.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation from Delhi for the re-development of 508 railway stations in the country under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme

Besides the Governor, Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting Anurag Thakur was present, among others, at a function held at the Amb-Andaura railway station organized by the Indian Railways to mark the launch of 508 railway stations.

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Sukhu joined virtually from Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion, the Governor expressed contentment that the Ambala Division has prepared a station development plan for the Amb-Andaura Railway Station with special emphasis on local art and culture.

He said that based on the recommendations of the consultants and the feedback of local people, various works are being done to modernize the station as Amrit Bharat station.

These also include improving traffic circulation and beautification of the circulating area.

Union Minister Thakur expressed gratitude towards the Prime Minister for including the station in the scheme.

He said the Central government has made extensive changes in railway expansion and its modernization.

He said the railway budget has been increased nine times increasing it to Rs 2,40,000 crore.

A total length of 6,565 km of electrification has been done, which is the highest ever.

He said there has been a lot of change in railway expansion and modernization in Himachal Pradesh also.

Thakur, who belongs to this state, said today the Indian Railways has been modernized with facilities like smart coaches, Vande Bharat, bio-toilets, etc.

He said with the redevelopment of Amb-Andaura station it would also witness extensive changes.

Courtesy: “IANS”

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