Kali Dass – An Institution

For KD, ‘ageing starts from the feet upwards’, though he is conspicuous by his bulge in the belly. knowing him well, I often follow him on his morning walks. Strict- Mighty- Powerful-means ‘Batish’ in various languages,

The other day, we met at Woodville Palace over coffee. Leaders bring many skills to the table. In this union leader of yester-years, I found a versatile genius brimming with core values. The perception and interpretations reflected extraordinary intellectual & creative power in him.

Though, there is no official checklist for signs of genius, yet his excitement about unique topics with emotional depth and sensitivity isself speaking. He is a visionary.

Right from the strong communication to the passion and commitment, the confidence, the creativity and the empathy; above all he is  simple and frank.

  • ‘As a leader, try to base decisions and discussions on what is right rather than who is right.’
  • Kali Dass was elected as Secretary General, Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP), The Punjab University Chandigarh;& also remained responsible for the affairs in the State of Punjab. His popularity was at its peak when celebrities like Anupam Kher & Sushma Sawraj followed him to the stage; longing to hold his hand in Camaraderie. Inspiring trust; being the credible leader- others chose to follow.
  • Batish holds himself in high-self-esteem; & a true and accurate measurement of his self –worth is how people feel about him.He presided over the forum of the Vidhyarthi Parishad Chandigarh where the eminent leaders-Atal Bihari Vajpayee & Parkash Singh Badal-made speeches.
  • “Leadership is influence.” Through and through, he had been a crowd puller. Kali Dass is born with the qualities needed to be a leader, as also with natural talents.


  • ‘With the image of me on the stage, people cheering; I poured my heart in to what I was saying’, he tells.
  • ‘I always aspired to be a politician’, though I never contended for power; after analyzing all the options I decided which one was the best. Many a time the Pahari wave camouflaged’, says Batish’.

‘During national emergency, high-ups in R S S motivated me to join H P University to take charge of and to nurture A B V P; I diversified and successfully pursued L L B ; I had already qualified M.Sc Physics Hons. from School of Honours , the Punjab University, Chandigarh’.

  • ‘In the profession of law, I hardly felt comfortable. By engaging a lawyer, the defendant tends to pass on his accusations to the defense counsel in exchange of the fees paid. Also, the rising trends of pooling and sharing among the counsels cannot be ruled out and is disheartening .
  • Though I did justice and came up to the expectations of the people. After practicing law for years; & being a senior advocate I was appointed Additional Advocate General of the Government of Himachal Pradesh, before taking over as State Information Commissioner.’

  • In principal, however, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused had committed the offence; and the burden of proving that always rests on the prosecution from the beginning to the end of the trial.

  • *Eyewitness testimony isn’t necessarily taken seriously in court cases-but our brain functions in a horribly biased way.
  • ‘My joy knows no bounds when I recollect having been instrumental in getting justice for a young man who was denied his otherwise rightful job owing to his mistaken identity on part of the employer.’
  • ‘At one time I was on the top of the selections for C A T.’ However, everything* worthwhile in life is won through surmounting the associated negative experience.
  • Without hesitation, he narrated the recording and the playing of his first few song sat a makeshift rural studio @ rupees fifty a song.

  • ‘I have always had a great passion for singing, ever since I was young. Thanks to StarMaker that has glorified the singer in me. I am able to sing songs in my own space and feel free and and safe with the support of my fans.’

‘When I sing, I sing with whole of me. At times, I get songs in my sleep. Do I really have talent for singing? I feel confused. Singing, of course, requires dedication, and an open heart.’

‘To me singing doesn’t feel like work.I am happy balancing my singing time with my work, and my family. My wife aptly does the house hold chores.’

‘I get so many invitations to choose from&to collaborate with. I sing karaoke my own cover of songs.’

  • Otherwise a tricky subject, Physics is behind every natural concept -from Rainbows to the concept of time.It is indeed a beautiful subject with a great number of concepts involved and complex theories that never cease to amaze us. Physics is the science of truth.

With his Initial schooling from a village in Punjab, having moved to a school in Shimla; he made a dent by scoring cent per cent in mathematics, he liked ‘non-medical subjects’ right from the beginning. Physics is KD’s favourite.

  • ‘I like physics.I can’t say exactly why I love Physics. It gives me the power to understand this universe- It explains everything- it is logical and simple. Atomic physics typically refers to the study of atomic structure and the interaction between atoms. The atom bomb, a weapon of mass destruction causes me concern’.

I admire the ‘time management skills of Kali Dass. I wonder if he is an institution in himself.


With inputs from Kali Dass Batish.


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