Dharamshala Cricket Stadium, Hotel Be Used As COVID Care Center – Rajendra Rana

Dharamshala: Congress leader Rajendra Rana has asked Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association as the states richest sports institution to voluntarily come forward and offer its HPCA Stadium and Pavilion Hotel of Dharamshala for use of Covid patients care.

Congress leader Rajendra Rana

In a communique Rana, a legislator representing Sujanpur and a vice-president of Congress state unit states that the Himachal Cricket Association’s stadium and its hotel have been built on the land leased by the state government. “The organisation should offer these buildings to the state government for used as the Covid Care Centers and show generosity to support the government in this hour of crisis,” said Rana.

He adds, “many organizations including Radha Swami Dera Beas, served the suffering humanity and the needy in this difficult period of Corona epidemic, by offering their huge building, manpower and food. Dera Satsang Vyas had exaggerated its social responsibility in the first wave of this epidemic and in the second wave also the organisation is engaged in the service of humanity and its building is being used as Covid Center in Paraur in district Kangra, where the arrangements have been made for the treatment of 1000 patients.”

“The Himachal Cricket Association, having a big Hotel and stadium in Dharamshala, did not dare to offer these buildings for the help of people in this hour of crisis,” says Rana


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