Scenic Beauty Of Sajla Water Fall – Manali



Sajla Waterfall, on the left bank of River Beas, is a beautiful natural waterfall at Village Sajla. It is about 10 Km from Manali.

Jagdish and his wife run a small café at site. You can spend quality time here. This is nice gentle trek which can be completed in one hours time from Sajla temple. This is the best way to enjoy local scenic beauty and village life at Manali.


The Sajla Falls is surrounded by deodar trees, pine trees, apple orchards and spectacular snow-covered mountain peaks; this fall is a charming picnic spot. The first sight of the falls is quite hidden and will be a surprise for the visitor as the water unexpectedly rushes from a cluster of rocks. You can also enjoy a refreshing bath at this falls or you can even leisurely swim in the small pool of this falls.

One can trek up the hill to reach the top of the hill which provides a better view of the waterfall and its lovely surroundings. The short trek up the hill is fairly easy. After visiting the Sajla temple complex you can start the trek. The trek route passes through narrow lane by the side of temple and it goes through apple orchids, tall pine trees small water streams.

While travelling you can see Paknoj Nallah stream and snow peaks of Pir Panjal mountains at your left side.

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