A Comic Book Based in Mussoorie Brings Alive Childhood Vacations!

Puffin Books recently released a new comic book called ‘Magic in Mussoorie’. The comic which has an interesting concept and story by Dehradun-based Atul Sethi and sharp expressions in all the illustrations by Shimla-based artist Vikas Upadhyay, is the first in a series set in the Garhwal Himalayas.

Reading the comic book revives memories of possibly everyone’s favourite childhood holiday destination. Filled with little stories and anecdotes about famous people and places associated with the town—from Ruskin Bond’s house Ivy Cottage to the Clock Tower Café, Pari Tibba (or the hill of the fairies), the Bon Monastery at Happy Valley and Char Dukaan’s delicious bun omelettes, the book is almost like a guidebook to the quintessential ‘queen of hills’—complete with its sights, sounds and smells.

Join Nakul Sahej and Kuku as they embark on a journey to the timeless hill station of Mussoorie. While roaming the quaint streets of Landour Bazaar, the two friends happen to enter an antique shop where they come across a book that has supernatural powers. Through this magical book, their adventures begin—leading them to travel one and a half centuries back in time.

They then go onto encounter well known historical figures, like Sir Andrew Scott Waugh and Radhanath Sikdar. They also go to Sir George Everest’s house at Hathipaon in Mussoorie, where they unravel a plot to steal the Koh-i-noor. This leads them to go to Maharaja Duleep Singh of Punjab who is staying at Castle Hill in Mussoorie to rescue the diamond.

Will Nakul and Kuku manage to change the course of history? Read this fun, unputdownable comic to find out!

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