Virbhadra Cabinet Minister Admits Youth Denied Unemployment Allowance – Anurag Thakur

Dharamshala: Taking the Congress government to task, youth BJP leader Anurag Thakur said the congress party, Virbhadra Singh and his cabinet made false promises to the state’s youth and only have mislead in the past four years.

“Senior minister GS Bali has in fact publicly stated that the government has failed in providing unemployment allowance to youth in Himachal, as was promised in the election manifesto in 2012,” said Anurag. He was commenting on the statements of Bali over him being denied a dais seat with party vice-president Rahul Gandhi on 24th December at the rally held here.

Speaking about the lacklustre functioning of the Congress government, Thakur in a communique said, “over the years the Congress government has become synonymous with making false promises and misleading the people for their own benefit.”

“Over the last four years the state has not witnessed any significant development. Instead the government has belied the hope of the many unemployed youth, who had banked on the promise of being extended Rs 1000/- per mont as unemployment allowance that the congress party had announced when they declared their manifesto. The government has failed in giving any allowance at all, he said.”

Thakur pointed out that Bali had requested chief minister Virbhadra Singh to make the allowance available and fulfil the poll promise as another round of assembly poll was approaching. “This proves that the Congress cares about their poll prospects and public welfare is least on their priority list,” said Anurag.

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