Kullu Marks Road Safety Week

Kullu: District police and Sashatra Seema Bal (SSB) joined hands to create public awareness about traffic rules and safety norms that included the necessity of wearing seat belts and wearing of helmets for two wheelers.

As part of road safety week, the police forces even organised an awareness rally that was held from Shamashi locality to Dhalpur here on Wednesday.

Not by adopting penal action but with a smiling face and handing out bouquet and chocolates to traffic violators Sanjeev Yadav, Commandant of SSB and Nishchint Singh Negi, ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police) sent home a subtle message about obeying traffic rules.

Kullu traffic week

Sanjeev Yadav, Commandant SSB said “we are marking the road safety week from 23rd to 28th May for helping the public to realize and understand the value of traffic rules. If they are properly obeyed by drivers, many road accidents can be avoided.”

Nishchint Negi added, “many accidents happen due to sheer negligence and carelessness of drivers such as talking over mobile phones when driving. The police remains alert and keeps a check on violations such as drunken driving, over speeding, improper parking and others offences. Obeying traffic rules is in the interest of all as they increase safety levels for everybody.

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