Wooden Podiums Ready For 455 Deities Of Kullu

Kullu: Wooden podiums to place deities’ chariots on during Dussehra festival are ready and Deputy Commissioner (DC) Kullu Rakesh Kanwar denies any controversy with regard to this new development.

International Dussehra festival is scheduled to be held from October 22 to October 28 this year and district administration is making every possible effort to make the event successful. Keeping the Dussehra ground’s safety and beauty in mind, the district administration has decided to remove all concrete structures built across the ground, which were previously used for placing the deities’ chariots on.

After holding several meetings with District Deity Union, these concrete structures were removed and now wooden podiums are being allotted to all deities for this year’s Dusshera celebrations in Kullu. While the removal was brought about after majority approval, some members of the Deity Union are believed to be unhappy with the administration.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Kullu Rakesh Kanwar denied any dissatisfaction among Union members and said:

All decisions pertaining to deities have been taken after holding several meetings and discussion with the District Deity Union. As the Union has 455 deity representatives, whatever steps are being taken by the administration in this regard, are implemented only after getting a nod from the Union, collectively. No complaints have been received so far.

Kanwar further added:

Wooden podiums for deities participating in Dussehra are prepared and designed on Union suggestions.  All wooden podiums will be distributed among deities before Dussehra starts.

When Hillpost contacted Daut Ram Thakur, President of District Deity Union, he too said:

Such accusations are baseless rumors and the administration is extending full cooperation toward the cause. Every decision pertaining to religious matters is finalized by the administration after consulting all Union members. That’s why representatives of different deities are collecting wooden podiums happily.

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