BJP in saddle, Ramdev may get a reprieve

Dehra Dun : While senior BJP leader, Arun Jaitley may have raised the yoga guru Baba Ramdev to the pedestal of Gandhi and JP, which the former categorically brushed off saying that he was just a ‘fakir’, but in his heart of hearts, the man who had taken on the Congress head-on must be thanking his stars of a change of government at the centre.

And not without reason.

If reports appearing in a section of the press are right, in the last three years the yoga guru received over 400 notices during a span of three years.

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Acharya Balkrishna, a close confidante of the yoga guru who is closely linked with the Patanjali Yogpeeth has been facing a case related to his passport, while the yoga guru himself has been associated with the sudden missing of his guru.

If these two cases were not enough, the centre and state governments sent over 400 notices to the various trusts and organizations associated with Baba Ramdev, for which the yoga guru had to get together a team of specialists so that replies could be sent and necessary legal action taken wherever necessary.

Though Acahrya Balkrishan had time and again said that the cases and notices were politically motivated as Baba Ramdev had come out hammer and tongs against the Congress leaders and even campaigned openly against the party in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, but they had created enough adverse publicity against the trusts and organisations of Patanjali Yogpeeth.

It is now being widely felt in this small hill state that the new NDA government headed by Narender Modi will bring some reprieve to the yoga guru and most of the cases and notices may be withdrawn.

Though the BJP prime ministerial candidate has time and again reiterated that law will take its own course, but Jaitley’s statement drawing a parallel between Ramdev and Gandhi and JP shows the soft corner of the BJP for the yoga guru.

Though what will eventually transpire only time will tell, but Baba Ramdev who had promised not to return to Haridwar until the Congress-led UPA government at the centre was removed and had embarked on the mission returned to his Patanjali headquarters amidst much fanfare and also had a dip in the Ganga at the Brahm Kund in Haridwar.

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  1. says: Narayan S. Srivastava

    The new Government must review and take back all these frivolous cases against Swami Ramdevji immediately. Even under such an enormous distraction, Swami Ramdevji has worked day and night in bringing such a sweeping change and removing the corrupt regime.

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