Himachal Girl Wins Indian Princess Pageant, 2014

Every girl is her parents’ princess but Chandni Sharma became Princess of the nation by winning The Indian Princess Beauty pageant; a well known event that has created waves in the fashion and beauty industry on a national as well as international level.

Born in Gohar village, district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, Chandni went to school at DAV Chandigarh and graduated from Chitkara University.

Chandni Sharma
Chandni Sharma, Winner of Indian Princess Beauty Pageant, 2014

While informing about her break in the pageant she says, “Since childhood I was interested in fashion and modeling. I have been following this show for past several seasons, telecasted on Zee TV. I tried my luck and I got selected.”

Indian Princess, 2014 saw participation from 20 states of India and competing against 40 girls, Chandni bagged the crown winning hearts of the jury members. “In the grand finale I was asked if given an opportunity to meet God for one day, what would I have asked to which I replied abolish poverty from the world. I seriously believe that the gap between haves and have not it way to wide and Himachal is blessed where this gap is little less”, recalls Chandni.

“I would say I am lucky enough that being born in a well educated family, I received full support from my family. I have seen that there are people who still practice gender discrimination and I wish this practice is dropped as soon as possible. Had my parents followed the same lines I am sure I would not have been able to make our state proud. I personally advocate girl education for the better future”, she adds further.

Considering that no matter how high one goes staying connected to roots is very important as she says, “No matter where I go I will always remember I belong to this hill state. I laid emphasis on my belonging to Himachal during the pageant too rather than saying I belong to Chandigarh. I want to pay debt to this sate by achieving something in life and helping other girls from Himachal. I have already donated 2 laptops and sum of rupees 1 lakh to support girl child. It is my small contribution to make difference in their lives.”

While commenting on commercialization of women in advertisement sector she says

Each woman is different from other and I am no one to judge them. As long as they are content appearing in commercials where weather they are required or not I do not think that there is anything wrong. I am a feminist and believe that women deserve the freedom of choice and based on that one should not judge them.

As per her future plans she wants to groom herself as expressed by her, “I want to make myself proficient for the silver screen. I want to learn acting and groom myself further so that people do not say it was the beauty pageant alone that got me into industry; I want my talent to speak for itself.”

Other than that she wants to continue social work and help the girl child in the best possible way to help them explore and exploit their potentials.

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