Shabana’s hand in cast for six weeks at least

Mumbai, July 3 (IANS) Actress Shabana Azmi’s left hand will be in a cast for six to eight weeks to repair a fractured wrist.

“I’ve fractured my wrist in South Africa. My hand would be in a cast for the next six to eight weeks,” said the incapacitated but upbeat actress.

In March 2010, the formidable actress tripped and fell on the steps of her home. She had fractured her left leg then. But Shabana looks at the humour in it.

“It was my left leg three years ago. Now it’s my left wrist. Trust me these lefty accidents have nothing to do with my Leftist leanings,” she said.

Joking about her setback, Shabana says it is not as big a hurdle as the fractured leg.

“It’s my wrist. And so far I’ve been walking on my legs. Farhan (Akhtar) says ‘May your fracture ‘wrist’ in peace’. I wrist my case,” she added.

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