Rise in violence against women during Egypt protest

Cairo, July 3 (IANS) The number of sex attacks and rapes occuring in Egypt’s Tahir Square has hit 91 within four days as millions of protestors are demanding President Mohammed Morsi to step down, Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

Tightening its noose on key institutions, Egypt’s military Wednesday even put officers in the newsroom of state TV, as the military leaders’ deadline ended WEdnesday afternoon, warning President Morsi to find a resolution to the country’s political crisis or else the army would impose its own political plan.

According to Human Rights Watch, the Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment/Assault that runs a hotline for victims of sexual assault, said four women required medical assistance, including two who were evacuated by ambulance.

A woman required surgery after being raped with a “sharp object” , according to women’s rights group Nazra for Feminist Studies.

Women were beaten with metal chains, sticks, and chairs, and attacked with knives — some of the attacks lasted for 45 minutes before they were able to escape.

A Dutch journalist was gang-raped in Tahrir Square last week. She had to undergo surgery for severe injuries.

Violence between anti-Morsi protestors and opposition groups escalated Tuesday night with Cairo witnessing killing of 23 people and injuries to 200 others.

Meanwhile, thirty-nine people have died in clashes since Sunday, raising fears the crisis could further explode into violence.

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