Our proposals create awareness, says Bengal rights panel

Kolkata, July 1 (IANS) Even if all its recommendations may not have been acted upon, the West Bengal Human Rights Commission has been successful in generating public awareness and public criticism, its chairperson said here Monday.

“The commission is a recommendatory body and its recommendations are not binding (on the government). Although normally they are accepted, even if they are not, they have an effect on society, on the conscience of people, which is important,” the commission’s chairperson Asok Kumar Ganguly said here.

The former Supreme Court judge said the commission, through its recommendations, has been able to make people aware of their rights.

“We act suo motu or upon complaints and make important recommendations which create public awareness. Our recommendations have created an atmosphere of public criticism, making people debate. People are now aware of their rights which, for us, is a success,” said Ganguly.

Addressing during the foundation day celebrations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India here, Ganguly urged budding accountants to imbibe professional ethics and insulate themselves from vices which may deter them from discharging their professional obligations.

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