Finding actors to play real-life characters tough: Telugu director

Chennai, July 2 (IANS) Veteran director P. Chandrasekhar Reddy, whose upcoming Telugu politic-drama “Jagannayakudu” is based on the life of late politician Y. Rajasekhar Reddy (YSR) and his family, says finding actors to play real life characters is a daunting task.

“Not many would be interested to reprise the role of a real-life personality for several reasons. To find actors who could do justice to such characters is most challenging for any director because wrong casting will not just affect the film, but the well-wishers of the person on whom the film is based on,” Reddy told IANS.

“My film narrates the journey of late YSR since his days in a village to one of the popular politicians of the country. I’m in talks with many actors but haven’t zeroed in on anyone in particular. The process is very tedious because there are so many factors to keep in mind,” he said.

He wants someone with whom audiences can easily connect with.

“Neither can I cast a new face to play a popular public figure nor can I approach a superstar to essay these roles. It’s important to cast someone audiences are familiar with and accept in the role. This is why casting for real-life stories takes a lot of time,” rued Reddy.

The director clarifies that the film will not only be about YSR’s political regime.

“The story will take us through the making of a leader. How YSR started his career by indulging in lot of medical service before joining politics. We will also focus on the rise of YSR’s son Jagan Mohan Reddy and his daughter Sharmila,” he said.

Reddy, known for classics “Badipanthulu” and “Paadipantalu”, points out another problem in casting.

“Since the story is about YSR and his family, I need to be extra careful in choosing actor who could do justice to all the characters in the film. The story will feature all the key members of YSR family, including his son, wife and daughter,” he said.

“You might get one actor who could play the role of YSR to perfection, but other characters are equally important. You can’t compromise on other characters because the story is not just about YSR,” he said.

However, Reddy hopes to finish casting soon and start shooting.

Anantha Padmanbha Reddy will produce “Jagannayakudu”.

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