Students to decide final form of ‘Prema Ishq Kadhal’

Chennai, June 29 (IANS) Producer Bekkam Venugopal will one again decide whether to make changes to his upcoming Telugu romantic-drama “Prema Ishq Kadhal” based on the inputs from a select group of college students.

Venugopal is capitalizing on the formula after suggestions from college students over his last Telugu release “Memu Vayasuku Vacham”, helped the film garner good response at the box-office.

“We should take their viewpoint into consideration because they constitute the larger chuck of the audiences. My last film was well received after we incorporated some changes suggested by a group of youngsters,” Venugopal told IANS.

“They can make a film viewer-friendly and suggest what would be apt for today’s generation. Since my film revolves around a love story featuring young actors, who else could be a better judge of the output than these youngsters who are eventually going to watch it,” he added.

How is he planning to do it?

“I will hold a private show for 100 college students in Hyderabad. They will watch the film and give us honest feedback. What they like and hate, and we will make changes based on their response. We are figuring methods to screen 100 students,” he said.

“Prema Ishq Kadhal”, which is nearing completion, is being helmed by debutant Pawan. It features Harshvardhan Rane, Vithika Sheru and Ritu Varma, Srimuga, Harish and Vishnu in important roles.

Venugopal says he doesn’t rely on critics.

“I respect critics’ opinions but I feel they are either biased or give destructive feedback. My end consumers are audiences. I will make money if more of them watch my film and, therefore, it makes sense for me to take suggestions from them as they are eventually going to watch it,” he added.

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