Puerto Rican singer confirms cancer diagnosis

San Juan, June 28 (IANS/EFE) Puerto Rican singer Jose Luis Feliciano Vega, known by his stage name of Cheo Feliciano, confirmed in a statement that he is suffering from cancer and that he will undergo chemotherapy.

The office of the 77-year-old salsa performer released a statement Wednesday after several people went to the media on the Caribbean island to provide information about the artist’s health without his permission.

“Two months ago I was diagnosed with a form of treatable cancer. Thanks to my God who has never abandoned me in these 77 years of life and to the group of excellent doctors in charge of my health care, I’m in full recovery,” said the singer.

Cheo Feliciano said that the members of the medical team treating him are very optimistic regarding his situation and have assured him that in the coming months he will be able to resume performing.

“I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to publicly express my thanks for the unconditional support I’ve received, first from my family, my children, grandchildren, great-granddaughter and my rock, my beloved wife Coco,” said the singer, who was born in the Puerto Rican city of Ponce.

“To all the fans around the world who have poured themselves into calls and kindnesses, and to my brother music colleagues who have provided their support to me in this phase of my life, thanks for so much love and keep praying for my quick recovery,” concluded the artist in his communique.



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