‘Namaste’, Jackie Chan gives back love to Indian fans

New Delhi, June 18 (IANS) Indian movie buffs have loved his action avatar for years, but Hollywood actor Jackie Chan, here for the inauguration of the China Film Festival Tuesday, showed his jolly side much to the delight of the star-struck audience. He says he is growing old, but it’s the audience’s love that keeps him going.

“Namaste! Please sit down, sit down,” Chan told the over-enthusiastic audience, which stood up and went clickety-click at the packed Siri Fort Auditorium as he took to the stage.

He said it was “so exciting” to be here, and he felt “so honoured”.

“I’m not young anymore, but you all love me. And that is why I do stunts, and risk my life for all you fans,” he said as the star of movies like “Police Story”, “Rush Hour” and “The Myth” addressed the audience full of young and old fans.

The Hong Kong-born actor sang in Chinese, but he proved that music knows no language – his song, which he explained was all about “loving your country”, regaled his fans.

“You may not understand the lyrics, but the music is beautiful,” he said. And it was.

“Jackie, Jackie! Jackie, Jackie” – the audience cheered on.

The six-day China Film Festival is a joint initiative of the India-China Economic and Cultural Council, India’s ministry of information and broadcasting, China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and the Chinese Embassy in India.

It kickstarted with the screening of Chan’s latest film “Chinese Zodiac”. The 59-year-old Asian star said initiatives like the fest will help both the countries understand each others’ cinema.

He even said that next year, China will be happy to host an Indian Film Festival, and he will make sure he attends it.

Talking about India as a film market, he said: “I think India is a wonderful market. It has 1.2 billion population and some 12,000 screens. It is a big market, so everybody will concentrate on your country (gradually).”

Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari was also present at the event for the inauguration.

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