Mamata accuses media house of planning to murder her

Kolkata, June 19 (IANS) In the wake of a noisy protest she faced while visiting a gang-rape-murder victim, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Wednesday claimed that a leading media house was conspiring with the CPI-M, Congress and Maoists to kill her.

Banerjee told a party rally in North 24 Parganas that during her return from the Monday visit to Kamduni village in the district, she was told by police that there was a conspiracy to kill her.

“The police told me, do you know there is a conspiracy to kill you? I know the CPI-M, the Congress and the Maoists have been conspiring to kill me. But the plan is of (name of the media house). The (media house) is involved in this planning, I can say that,” said Banerjee.

She asserted she was not subjected to any protest Monday, and there were only a few Maoists and “CPI-M goons” who wanted to disrupt the meeting. She accused a section of the media of misleading the public by creating a mountain out of molehill.

“I don’t blame the villagers, they are innocent. The CPI-M men had sneaked into the village a few days back. There was no demonstration, just a few Maoist and CPI-M men.

“I have been watching them for the past 35 years and can easily recognise them (Maoists). I even told police to keep a watch on them. The place is isolated and ideal for them to indulge in a conspiracy.

“I am not afraid to die. I can die for the cause of the people, but I cannot be blackmailed by any threat.”

Banerjee also accused a journalist of “wreaking havoc with her security and putting in peril her life”.

“My security told me that I was without any security cover for over two hours and could have been murdered. They told me that a journalist using a few CPI-M men obstructed the police from coming near me,” she asserted.

Naming the journalist, Banerjee said: “You have wreaked havoc with my life and security. You should realise you are a reporter, you cannot do this. You should not forget that law forgives none.

“The central government has been telling me about the danger to my life. But I am not afraid of getting killed.

“The CPI-M has only one motive – to kill me and get back to power. But let me tell you friends, this will not happen, not happen, not happen.

“Despite 34 years of (Left Front) bloodshed, I have not indulged in any kind of revenge. Unlike CPI-M, I don’t believe in the politics of murder.”

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