Holiday in style: Pack crop tops, ruffled dresses (Fashion Trends)

New Delhi, June 6 (IANS) Crop tops, ruffled dresses and kimonos – the retro styles are back as holiday wear and designers declare them “must haves” for trendy women keen to look “feminine” and “sensuous” while unwinding themselves.

What should be packed for a holiday? Although jumpsuits and kaftans are all-time favourites, dig into your mommy’s aunty’s or even your granny’s wardrobe to put your fashionable foot forward this holiday season.

Styles popular between the 1960s and 1980s have made a comeback to the holiday wardrobe, says Mumbai-based designer Aniket Satam.

“Rewind and replay the 1980s pinup drama by sporting midriff-revealing crop tops and bralets,” he said. “The best way to wear them is by teaming them with high-waisted skirts revealing a little bit of your skin,” Satam told IANS.

With retro fashion influencing summer dressing, “a lot more swinging patterns like smocks, sheaths and pinafore shifts are trending,” he said.

“Team them with stockings and stack on some plastic accessories to complete the look,” Satam added.

Holidays mean comfort and the wardrobe should complement the mood. So pack flared long dresses, well-fitted shorts teamed with loose crop tops as they combine comfort with style. One can never go wrong with them, said designer Astha Narang.

If being different is your motto, try kimonos, a popular style of the 1980s, with stripes and Mediterranean motifs.

“Kimono dresses with stripes and motifs are a good option. They give a very summerish feel and the motifs make the mood and your look very light and summerish, which is perfect for a holiday,” Narang told IANS.

Designer Amit GT agreed, terming kimonos a “good option”.

Giving more options, he added: “Also, jumpsuits, sun dresses, shorts and scarves work well. Go for floral trousers in wide-legged or cropped silhouettes.”

“Boxy silhouettes in lightweight fabrics and bright colours are in vogue this season. Kaftans in bright colours and prints teamed up with trousers or jeans look the best as holiday wear. It’s comfortable and chic,” Amit told IANS.

Remember ruffled dresses associated with Boho-chic movement of the 1970s? They are making a huge comeback in the holiday wardrobe this season.

“The feminine detail has made a major comeback this season in the form of huge curvy structural element instead of delicate decorated details. Internationally, the trend has been incorporated in the form of rustling skirts and uneven hems,” said Satam.

No look is complete without the right accessories.

Remember cat-eye sunglasses famously worn by Hollywood diva Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly in the 1960s? They are back in vogue in various colours and patterns this season, Amit said.

“Large chunky jewellery looks good as holiday wear,” he added.

Funky neckpieces help converting a casual look into stylish one; so pick your accessories accordingly.

Footwear is important too.

Amit informed that wedges, espadrilles, deck shoes and, importantly, running shoes are very important for the holidays.

“Don’t go for your regular slippers as colourful options are available in the market,” he added.

While holidaying, if you feel like dressing formally, carry old long cholis and team them up with sleek trousers for a classy evening look.

Just remember: The best part is that no one will be there to judge you, so you can wear anything comfortable as you can never go wrong.

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