Flood prone areas being evacuated in Delhi

New Delhi: The Delhi government today began evacuating people from low-lying areas along the banks of the Yamuna river after 8.06 lac cusecs of water was released from Hathnikund barrage in Haryana.

At a meeting chaired by Delhi Chief Secretary D.M. Spolia to review the preparedness to tackle floods, the revenue department was asked to complete the evacuation of all families in low-lying areas by tomorrow noon.

“Setting up tents and camps is to be completed by midnight,” said a Delhi government official.

Spolia told officials in the meeting that water discharge from Hathnikund barrage was likely to be highest this year.

The Yamuna is flowing at a height of 202.34 metres near the old railway bridge in central Delhi, where the danger mark is 204.83 metres.

The highest flood levels recorded were 207.49 metres in 1978 and 207.11 metres in 2010.


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