Five ways to monsoon-proof your kitchen

New Delhi: Temperature takes a dip when the monsoon season arrives, but makes everything moist. The rise in moisture level not only affects our rooms and furniture, but also the kitchen.

Anurag Saxena of German kitchen furnishing brand, Hacker Kitchens, explains how to take care of kitchen during monsoon season.

  1. Wiring is one of the most important parts of the kitchen. Get good quality wire connections for safety reasons.
  2. To keep kitchen dry, focus on cross-ventilation. Open windows as and when possible.
  3. Renovation during this season is not a good decision.
  4. Clean floors with disinfectant everyday.
  5. To do away with damp odour, place perfumed bath salts at the bottom of kitchen cabinets.

Five ways to monsoon-proof your kitchen


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