Failures help me return stronger: Meka Srikanth

Chennai, June 30 (IANS) With five back-to-back duds, Telugu actor Meka Srikanth’s career might not be heading in the right direction, but his confidence hasn’t taken a beating because he feels failures give him an opportunity to return stronger.

His flops are “Lucky”, “Devaraya”, “Sevakudu”, “Shatruvu” and “Shadow”.

“I think one should look at failures as failures and not as something that will affect one’s confidence. I have had so many hits and a few flops in my career, but I have always treated them on par. Every time I failed, I only wanted to return stronger and I did in most cases,” Srikanth told IANS.

“As an actor one shouldn’t be affected by such trivial things… I agree box-office verdict of a film is important, but what is more important is not allowing failure to pin you down,” he added.

Srikanth’s once-flourishing career saw him doing Telugu films such as “Khadgam”, “Shankardada MBBS” and “Radha Gopalam”.

“I have learned something from my success and failure as well. From a good film, you learn what worked in your favour and from a bad one you know what didn’t. As long as you ensure to learn from your own actions, there is nothing that can bring you down,” he said.

The streak of bad luck hasn’t stopped Srikanth from signing new films. He is busy simultaneously shooting for two films – “Mondodu” and “Acharya”.

“Both the films are poles apart. I’m simultaneously shooting for them and it helps me save time even though at times it gets a little hectic,” said Srikanth, who will soon be seen in a full-length comedy role.

“I don’t want audiences to get bored of the roles I’m doing. It’s been a while since I have gone back to full comedy entertainer. I think audiences will love me in this new avatar,” he added.

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