‘Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyun’ sequel breezy comedy: Yuvraj

Agra, June 27 (IANS) Agra boy Yuvraj Parashar, the only male Kathak dancer in Bollywood, whose controversial gay film “Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyun” made him an untouchable at home with his parents ostracising him, says the film’s sequel will be a light romantic musical.

“While the original was a serious drama, the sequel will be a light, breezy, comedy, a romantic musical,” said Yuvraj, adding that for the female lead they are scouting for a fresh face in India and Pakistan.

The original was directed by Sanjay Sharma, and for the part two Norwegian director Tonje Gjevjon will go behind the camera. Also, a popular European pop singer will do a cameo in the film, which will be entirely shot in Norway.

“This would be the first time in the history of Bollywood that sequel of an Indian film will be made by an European company. Norwegian production house – The Hungry Hearts – is producing sequel of ‘Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyon,” Yuvraj told IANS.

Another highpoint of the film is that it will be made in three languages – Norwegian, English and Hindi.

The actors of the original version, Kapil Sharma and Yuvraaj, will play protagonists and the cast will also have European, Pakistani and other Indian actors.

Yuvraj is highly excited.

“It’s a dream come true! Who could imagine a boy from a small town like Agra from Hindi medium school may one day do an international film!”

Kapil said: “I am fortunate to be part of the prestigious film. I am thrilled as well as scared as this time the audience and expectations will be even wider. All I can promise is I will give my more than 100 percent to the film.”

“Dunno Y…” won nine international awards and was screened at places like Alta Finnmark, Israel, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, the US, Britain, and Australia and is still being screened in many countries. Kapil and Yuvraaj won the best actors award in Greece.

In the West, “Dunno Y…” is tagged as India’s answer to “Brokeback Mountain” and a French director made a documentary on the film in Switzerland.

Yuvraj said Gjevjon said that the original “Dunno Y…” is a landmark film not only because of its international popularity, but also because of its cult bold unconventional approach to script as well as universal emotions.

She was mesmerised by the performances of Kapil and Yuvraaj and said that her company bought the sequel rights from its producers and the script took more than a year to complete.

She plans to premiere the film at prestigious festivals in Europe and later she will release the film globally.

Yuvraj is working extra hard for the shooting schedule in Norway.

“I have not eaten ‘roti’ for the last three months, working so hard on my diet and in the gym,” he said and added that his family is now happy with him.

“My papa was in Mumbai watching me shoot for another film. Another film that I am doing is ‘Black Currency’. It’s about fake notes.”

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