Dengue cases rise in Singapore

Singapore, June 11 (IANS) The weekly number of new dengue cases reported in Singapore continued to rise over the past week amid a latest epidemic, according to official statistics.

A total of 820 infections were reported in the week ended June 8, surpassing the previous weekly record of 756 cases seen this year, according to figures released by the National Environment Agency.

Both were more than the previous peak seen in September 2005 during the worst dengue epidemic in Singapore. About 14,000 people were infected in 2005, with 25 deaths reported, reported Xinhua.

By Tuesday, a total of 9,421 infections had been reported this year, with two deaths, despite authorities and the communities stepping up efforts to wipe out mosquitos.

Dengue fever is an illness caused by infection with a virus transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, with the symptoms including fever, fatigue as well as joint and muscle pains.

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