Business school announces social service course

Gurgaon, June 18 (IANS) To engage students in social development and community service, a premium business school here announced a course for their new batch of 2013-14, officials said Tuesday.

The social innovation programme by School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) requires a student to dedicate one day of each week to social causes. With the help of 25 NGOs attached with SOIL, students can participate in different causes.

The course was inaugurated by former IPS officer-turned-activist Kiran Bedi, whose NGO Navjyoti India Foundation is part of the consortium.

“When you are working with NGOs you are seeing, feeling, believing. All your five senses are into it. You taste, feel the air, sense the people’s culture. This is something which should start at the school level,” she said.

Founder and CEO of SOIL Anil Sachdev said that the business school aims to instill a sense of responsibility in the students and help them in finding a solution to the problems that plague the society.

“Youth is aware of the social conditions, however, they do often require a direction to steer their efforts towards effective development. We aim to bring a change in the community.”

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