Australia temporarily bans 19 synthetic drugs

Sydney, June 17 (IANS/EFE) A temporary ban has been imposed by the Australian government on the sale of 19 synthetic drugs in the wake of the death of a teenager who used a substance similar to LSD, the media reported.

The 120-day ban applies to the sale and distribution of psychoactive drugs that produce effects similar to those experienced while using illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine, allowing the state governments to revise existing legislation, the AAP news agency reported.

“Synthetic drugs are dangerous substances that can kill and should not be available for sale,” Assistant Treasury Minister David Bradbury said.

The state governments should revise their drug laws to prevent manufacturers of these substances from finding loopholes for introducing them into the market, the official said.

“The synthetic drugs market is fast-moving and suppliers have shown they are willing to change brand names and packaging to get around bans made under consumer laws,” Bradbury said.

The state of New South Wales banned synthetic psychoactive drugs earlier this month following the death of 17-year-old Henry Kwan, who fell from a balcony after taking a synthetic drug that he obtained over the Internet.



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