US shouldn’t be jealous with China, India ties: Daily

Beijing, May 21 (IANS) The visit of Premier Li Keqiang to India will promote a strategic partnership, but the US should not become jealous since Beijing and New Delhi do not want to be its enemy, a state-run daily said Tuesday.

“Li Keqiang’s India visit will promote the two countries strategic partnership to a large extent.

“But the United States should not be jealous, because China and India do not want to be its enemy; they just hope to cooperate with it,” said an article in People’s Daily.

Li Keqiang is on his first overseas trip after taking over as premier in March. The first leg of the trip took him to India.

The daily said that the world pays great attention to Li’s first visit to India.

“Together with Xi Jinping’s Russia visit, it is believed that China’s efforts in the new diplomatic situation will promote new patterns of relationship between great powers,” it said.

The daily said that the development and cooperation between China and India has “good foundation, comforting to the times”.

It said the speed of economic development in the two countries has drawn international attention.

“Even the United States cannot ignore China and India’s influence in international affairs. The two highly complementary economies are quickly developing their economic and trade cooperation,” it added.

The article pointed out that China has been adhering to an independent foreign policy of peace; India has been pursuing the nonalignment policy. “The purpose of the both countries is to safeguard sovereignty and independence.”

Both countries hold “consistent or similar views on the main issues of the world; they are in favour of practicing democracy in international relations and advocate promoting world multipolarization and abiding by international code, which are supreme values in today’s world”.

It admitted that because of the boundary problems between the two countries, “some conflicts do exist between them”.

“But the leaders of the two countries have not been misled by American and Japanese right wing forces…India will not harm the relationship with China just for the sake of realizing certain countries’ strategic interests,” the daily added.

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