US degree in supply chain management from Mumbai

Mumbai, May 16 (IANS) With India opening up the retail trade sector to overseas investment, the University of Southern California is offering a master of science degree programme in global supply chain management through the SP Jain Institute here.

“The programme is aimed at facilitating the needs of working professionals in the Asia Pacific region (US, China, India and South Korea) who wish to expand their knowledge of the rapidly-changing world of global supply chain management,” the institute said.

Awarded by the Marshal School of Business, those pursuing this degree programme will have the choice of on-campus learning experience at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, as also online programme option.

“Online courses are transmitted from studio classrooms via an extensive internet delivery system to enable the students to access their classes anytime, from anywhere. Lectures are made accessible for the entire semester,” the school said.

“Teaching assistants monitor class-related bulletin boards to provide timely responses to questions asked by students. Face-to-face discussions and instructional activities are available at local partner institutions to enhance learning opportunities,” the school said.

“Courses may require in-person midterm and final examinations. These exams will be administered at local partner institutions, requiring that students travel to these locations,” the school said, adding an information session has been organised at SP Jain on May 20.

To qualify for admission, applicants should have earned a bachelor’s degree of four-year equivalence as in the US system with a good performance. This apart, a three-five year full-time work experience will be preferred.

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