Syria asserts right to respond to Israeli violations

Damascus, May 22 (IANS) They Syrian government has said that it holds the right to respond to any Israeli violation against its sovereignty.

The Syrian foreign ministry, in a letter to the UN, Tuesday complained against the latest Israeli violation which took place earlier, Xinhua reported.

The complaint was made in the wake of an Israeli military vehicle violating the cease-fire being observed between Israel and Syria on the Golan Heights.

The army destroyed the vehicle and its occupants for crossing the cease-fire line, the Syrian ministry said, adding the measure was part of the country’s right of self-defence.

Syria also urged the UN to put an end to Israel’s repetitive violations.

In another statement, the Syrian army confirmed the incident and said that after the Syrian troops destroyed the vehicle, Israel responded by firing two rockets at a military site in Syria but caused no casualties.

Syria recently accused Israel of helping the rebels on ground especially after Israel carried out two air strikes against Syrian military positions over the past month.

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